• Project Name: Escalators & moving walks


We are a manufacturer of escalators and moving walks in China. Provide professional escalator solutions for various large shopping malls, railway stations, airports and other public places. Comprehensively improve the bearing capacity of escalators and moving walks to meet the needs of various public transportation in different occasions.

Why work with Fuji Elevators

Multiple security protections
Safety devices are installed in all parts of the escalator. The control system has important device detection and powerful fault diagnosis capabilities, which comprehensively improve the safety performance of the escalator.
Comfortable riding experience
Escalator special-purpose frequency conversion drive technology. Adopt a new generation of AC vector control voltage and speed regulation technology to achieve smooth transition during acceleration and deceleration automatic adjustment, making the operation more stable and comfortable.
ET1 25 / ET1 60 escalator reducer adopts zc toothed transmission, which has the characteristics of large torque, compact structure, low noise, low vibration, stable operation, etc. The noise is lower than 57dB, and the transmission efficiency is higher than 88% during normal operation.
Energy saving and energy regeneration technology
By detecting passenger flow and automatically adjusting the operating speed curve, effective energy conservation of the escalator’s entire operation is realized; by detecting the DC bus voltage of
  • Can support personalized custom elevators, that is, mass production of elevators according to customer requirements.
  • We provide customers with diversified and personalized solutions based on customer needs, project conditions, and different countries.
  • A professional installation and maintenance team can go to the scene to solve problems when the project requires it.
  • Good after-sales service, with professional after-sales team, can communicate without obstacles.