Freight Elevators

The Freight range is designed and built to withstand the most demanding use. Materials such as galvanized, epoxy painted steel or stainless steel can be used depending on the requirement of each project. Freight Elevator/lifts that we offer will provide years of reliable service under even the harshest and most challenging conditions

Fuji Elevators cargo elevator products, the structure of the product high strength, safe and reliable, durable, cost-effective, to meet customer demand for load use. Apply to office buildings, supermarkets, shopping malls, factories, and other places.

The Key Features are:
Unlike passenger lifts, these lifts operate at considerably reduced speeds. Recommended speeds range from 15 to 25 meters per minute(50 to 80 ft. per minute). Higher speeds increase the running costs.

The control system in these types of lifts is usually of the semi-automatic type, or is fully steering.

The lift-car is designed to withstand the heaviest load traffic.

Suitable protection at the entrance is given according to requirements. This ranges from swing type, 6 total gates and M. S. Channeling for Auto Doors. All safety gears, required under the Indian Factory Act, are provided in the lifts.

The recently introduced Two Speed telescopic type gates, working with electric door operators can also be provided.