We provide dedicated to Elevators and Sidewalk solutions.

We ‘re at Fuji Elevators provides architects, contractors and building owners comprehensive vertical lift solutions, like elevators, escalators and accessibility equipment. What sets us apart from the competition is more than just having access to the highest quality and most diverse line of new elevator products in the industry, rather our commitment being the best.

The operating culture of our company is simple, yet sound positive with optimism and inquisitiveness. We have been concentrating on developing our human resources, accumulating technology and making improvements to our company and our products.

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We’re Fuji Elevators manufacturing elevator and escalators with total regard for safety and quality, yet of great variety. We combine internal and external resources to research highly technical, intelligent new products to develop both the domestic and international markets. Our efforts have accomplished in tremendous success in a highly competitive environment, we expect our customers to support and encourage us continuously so that together, we can create the brightest and tallest future. We maintain an enormous inventory of parts and components; hence our turnaround time for break-fix is minimal. We have tremendous success in a highly competitive environment and we are proud to carve a niche & also recognized as a leading brand in the industry.


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